Sunday, March 7, 2010

Old Into New

The time is now to start teaching. So Wednesday I developed 4 classes that I could teach.
  • Sewing cute aprons
  • Cardmaking with collage
  • Fabric-lined boxes
  • Paper piecing: Not just for quilters
Through the City of Fort Collins, I can hopefully teach some or all of these this summer. I'm very excited by the idea! Meanwhile, I thought I'd best practice making the stuff I want to teach. It's been over a year since I covered an old box up to make it pretty, and I had one on my shelf that was super ugly, holding aprons. So I made this out of it!

I've been spending some of my art time actually moving in more to my studio (y'know, upacking boxes from our move in October, moving storage off the floor and paper away from the windows, etc). Here's how one of my shelves is looking so far. Oooh, I spot antoher box that could stand being covered!


Anonymous said...

I want the lesson on covering a box!! Looks great, I could so use this workshop! -siri

katie said...

I think a key to classes might be the take-away. Whenever I take a class, I want some kind of finished product that I can take home and display or give away. I would definitely take the apron class and the collage cards. :) Sign me up.

Ashley said...

Those are great ideas, Heather! I would definitely be interested, especially in the paper-piecing one.