Saturday, February 15, 2014

Negative Space & Card Swap

Here's a bicycle in the studio. Now, draw it. No, not by focusing on what it is, but on what it is not!


You are invited to participate in this year's 6 Degrees of HLM card swap!  Here is how it works:

1. After I hear from everyone who wants to participate and I give you the signal, you'll have 8 weeks to make ten (10) greeting cards, most often somewhat identical in design (although this is not required).  These cards can be any shape or size, blank on the inside, themed wherever your whimsy takes you. Every medium is welcome: fabric, stamping, painting, beads, collage, photography, papercraft.... Most important is that whatever you make fits into an envelope that can be mailed either domestically or abroad. NEW THIS YEAR:  Please make your card within the theme or concept of "blue" or "mountain." No need to be literal about this--be creative!  What images, thoughts, words, or inspiration do these words invoke for you?  Please interpret as loosely as you need to.

2. On the given postmark deadline, you'll send all the cards you make to me with enough envelopes for each card and a couple of dollars (international folks exempt from having to send me money).

3. Once I receive everyone's cards, I'll divvy them up so that every person receives ten cards from other swap participants. Using the couple bucks, I'll send them back to you.

4. You'll receive a set of handmade greeting cards to use over the next year in the mail for just the cost it took to make yours and ship them to and from me.

Here are the dates you need to know:
·   RSVP to participate in the card swap by next Saturday, February 22, either by leaving a comment below or writing me at the email address to the right.
·   Start thinking about/making your design as soon as you can.  You'll be surprised how quickly that deadline will be here.
·   I'll host a Work Party at my studio in Fort Collins, CO on Saturday afternoon, April 5th--anyone who participates in the swap is welcome to join us.
·   Monday, April 14 is the postmark date for getting those cards, enough corresponding envelopes, and cash in the mail to me. (If you're local, you obviously don't have to bother with the sending business--we'll just rendezvous!)  
·   I'll send out a reminder about 4 weeks through.
·   Around May 1 is when I will hopefully send your cards back to you.  This is a fuzzy deadline, as the nature of having an international card swap greatly affects postal travel.

Please DO forward this invitation to any of your crafty or arty friends and have them RSVP directly to me if they'd like to participate.  Anyone is welcome (even if card-making is not their main means of artistic expression!).  My only request is that everyone who signs up follows through to make/swap their cards.

For inspiring close-up images from last year, click here.