Sunday, May 18, 2014

Fork Forged from a Forget-Me-Not

For our final project in my drawing class this semester, our teacher asked us for ideas on what we should do. We came to consensus that we would pick three to five words from a dictionary page and put them into a cohesive drawing. You know how excited I was about this project, especially as I got to provide everyone in class with a page from my beloved dictionary.

The page I got was forfend - forked

From this page, I chose these words: to forge, forget-me-not, and fork.

Above is a sketch of a forget-me-not and a rough idea for my drawing.

By the end, this is what happened! First, the final piece, then some details (remember to click on them for a closer view.)

Thus, a fork forged from a forget-me-not.

Here are some of my source images. I really did go buy a forget-me-not plant!