Wednesday, November 5, 2014

New Parsley Art Studio Website

Parsley Art Studio's website has been updated!  There are still a few small kinks to work out, mostly to do with class offerings, but WELCOME! Come have a look around!!!!

Creative Energy Rocks!

I've had so much energy to be in maker-mode for the last 6 weeks I'm exhausted. But it is super totally fun, and productive!  

Little paper houses have been taking over my life!  Here are some updated photos:

That last photo shows the same house as in my last post, just on a base and with the wiring all set up. The little pouch is the battery pack, which you could hide behind a book or a lamp or something if you don't want it to show.

Also in the last 6 weeks, I've made this cool tool box, custom built to fit one of the shelves in my studio that wasn't being efficiently used. Now I have a place to store my hammer, tape measure, new Dremel, and such!

Two challenges in making the wooden box:
  • The transition from not knowing how to use power tools to knowing how to use power tools. It was a frustrating learning curve, and scary. But once I got it, I felt like Superwoman! Now I know how to use power tools and I can do anything!
  • Installing the drawer hardware on the bottom drawer--I needed Paul's expertise and even strength to get it all to work, but we did it together and now the drawer opens and closes like butta.

Finally, I've been wanting to develop DIY Advent Calendar kits for years. With a little feedback and help from my BFF, I finally got there. Visit my Etsy if you'd like to buy one! More calendar designs to come soon!