Thursday, July 3, 2014


 First, come in to this gallery!  I know I find it enticing...

Hmm, let's walk straight back to the corner. Whose piece is that right in the middle? Is that a cake?

Ah, It's a Cake Rock! Now you can see its scale. Wasn't it placed so nicely? Bonus news: it sold! I have a new collector!

Then, like in dreams, just blink and you're in a new location: Parsley Art Studio!

What's new this year?

 Outside, make your own bit of PAS-inspired art: a pop-up!

 Here are some samples (and the prototype).

Guests enjoying their Fort Collins Studio Tour visit!

The best part about this year? That Vine Arts helped to get more visitors up to our neck of the woods! It was fantastic! There were six of us neighborhood artists with open studios this year and as a result, I had over 100 visitors this weekend, as opposed to about 40 last year. It was so fun. I loved every minute. 

Thank you especially to my studio tour helpers (Kyran, Katie, Jane, and Brittany), and to all my guests. I loved sharing my space with you this weekend!

Now what shall I do next with these cute little things?