Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Take a Class!

In the last few weeks, I've been working on a new kind of advent calendar. It was made as a gift for two friends of mine on occasion of their wedding in Illinois this weekend.  It was so cool.  Something to use at any time of year, incorporating the seasons, the moon phases, the couples' names (in case of birthdays or other person-specific special occasions), and the equinox/solstices (they were married on the fall equinox).  Then, I wrapped it and gifted it and remembered later that I FORGOT TO TAKE PHOTOS!  Ack!!!  Hopefully, once they're back from their trip to Vegas, I can get them to send me some photos, so I can post them here for you to see its awesomeness.  :)

Meanwhile, here are some prototypes of the advent calendars (for Christmas) that I've created to teach in a class!  Yes, indeed, you can take a class to make your very own advent calendar to use this December.

Please get some friends together and sign up to take a class!  Check out my website for more information (click on Classes).  You can learn either how to make an advent calendar or how to make a lot of Christmas cards (or other kind of cards--doesn't have to be Christmas) in one setting.  There are three dates for the advent calendar class, one of which includes wine.  

Sign up today!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

September Challenge

My friend Sarah and I have determined that by the end of the month, we need to have accomplished some goals.  My goal is to offer a class this fall in how to make your own advent calendar.  Another friend in art, Franklin, says: Participation Breeds Appreciation.  I love this.  The more people who participate in making advent calendars will then appreciate the ones I make and then become even bigger fans, and then will tell their friends (or buy advent calendars for them) and then I'll be an "overnight" success!  Right? 

So the question has presented itself: how can I teach (just) a 2-hour course on how to make a cool advent calendar to a potential person who may not know how to do some of the stuff I know how to do, and without sewing?  This has been a fun design challenge over the last two weeks. Here are the prototypes I've come up with so far:

Neither one is complete yet, but still works in progress.  I like how the red one has turned out a lot, although the process of making it wasn't simple.  So I have been working through how to make it easier and for the blue one, I've developed a simpler process (using stencils for creating the doors).  I plan to make a couple more prototypes in order to take good photos and then advertise the course around town (this is a part of the goal that Sarah and I have in common: flyers!).  One of the versions will be using pockets.  I just haven't figured out how to do that in a durable and simple way without using sewing.

In other news, check out my NEW ART ROOM SINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This was lovingly custom made by my very handy husband.  I sit at my art table and find myself staring at my new sink with tenderness and love.  This is truly a dream come true.