Saturday, August 31, 2013

Fall Art Class

If you're a regular reader of my blog, you know I've been taking art history classes for the last 8 months. Well finally I get to take a studio course!  I am beyond thrilled! This semester I'm in a class every Monday and Wednesday evening called 2D Visual Fundamentals. Almost all assignments are done with acrylic paint. We'll talk about color, line, design, light, composition, and techniques. Plus we'll get to start putting the art history into the context of making art. So great!

Here is my work from our first studio day:

In order of how I painted them:
1. Arshile Gorky, 2. Richard Earlom,
3. Egon Schiele, 4. Terry Frost,
5. Francisco Goya, 6. Chin Nung.

The assignment focused on 'line.'  We each brought an art book from the library that had pictures with good lines.  We mixed two colors of paint to get black (I learned that burnt umber and cerulean blue mixed together = black!).  We cropped each picture with a frame and then were instructed to try to 'emulate the lines.'  These 6x6 little babies each took 15-30 minutes each. I learned that if I want to get out of class on time (8:00pm, when I am super tired), I've really got to manage my time, and fit in time for eating a cold dinner too.

My two favorites are these below:

Stay tuned for more 'masterpieces' by Heather Matthews this semester. (Ha!)