Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I'm back!

Ack! It's the end of November and you've not heard from me for weeks!  Apologies, my loyal friends. I hope this post will make up for my absence.  And, I promise to post a minimum of 5 times in December. That's right, MORE than once a week.  I can't wait. :)

Reason #1 for not blogging in a month: I've been in major production mode, making things you've seen before: advent calendars, bike bands, and art pillows (aren't the little ones so cute?). Why?  I got to participate again this year in Wadoo's Trunk Show on November 15, plus a friend in Portland commissioned a bunch of stuff from me to give to her peeps as Christmas gifts, which she needed by December.  Aprons, cards, even wine & cheese picnic bags (remember that from 2008?). Finally, I hosted a great advent calendar class in my studio on November 17.  Here are some lovely action photos and their final results:

Reason #2 for not blogging in a month: my camera died!!  It was a sad day, especially as it is was less than a year old and we can't find the receipt anywhere.  Off to Best Buy to buy a new one (once payday finally came) and this time, we bought the 2 year warranty in which you DON'T need a receipt to get service!  Brilliant!  (The photos above were taken with guest cameras.)

Reason # 3 for not blogging in a month: I went to Portland for Thanksgiving week.  Of course I had to make the trip a business trip and my sister and I visited two important places, Oblation Papers and The Button Emporium & Ribbonry.  Above and below are me and my sister at Oblation for one whole glorious hour before they closed on the day before Thanksgiving.  I totally stocked up on supplies, and I couldn't have been more gleeful in these two shops.

Finally, reason #4 for not blogging in a month: I got sick.  Inevitable, I suppose. Today I am finally feeling on the mend and I am headed to the art room to do something with these MOST AMAZING ribbons.  Well, you know they'll probably end up as bike bands, but still, aren't they inspiring?

Come back next week for more from Parsley Art Studio!