Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Time Capsule

My friend Diana commissioned me to make a pretty box for her to use at her sister's baby shower as a time capsule.  The guidelines I had to go on were the size and that her sister likes green.  Otherwise, I was given free reign!!  Here's how it turned out (click on any of the images for a better view):

This is the box's bad angle, but I did want you to see the felt-covered bottom: 

The box actually proved to be a challenge for a couple reasons.  First, the entire thing was paper.  With all the boxes I've made in the past, I have used fabric to line the inside.  That makes the paper-covering part simpler and fast, and the end result is very satisfying.  However, since the inside of this box is lined with paper, I had to be very precise in my cutting the paper to size and the gluing!  Second, I had to make a lid!  Only once before have I done this, and the construction of it, plus getting it to work in the way I wanted it to took a lot of thinking.  Ultimately it taught me a lot and I would do it again with a few tweaks.

My favorite parts about it: how the outside and inside papers complement each other, the felt color (and just that it adds some softness to the box), the gold over light green ribbon to make the ribbon shine instead of disappear into its sheerness, and the buckle.  A time capsule ought not to be super easy access, right?  There should be some mystery to it, don't you think?

It was very well received by Diana, and I am looking forward to hearing how it goes over at the shower.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ribbons Class

This Friday I will be teaching a class about how to use ribbons in unexpected ways, to make three small, functional, and pretty take-home projects.  Last night I practiced teaching the class to my two patient friends Katie and Haley, and we had a blast!  As you can see, the projects include a headband, a leg band for when you ride your bike, and a small purse.  I could tell that the best part about it was how instantly gratifying it was for them at the end of each half-hour to have completed something!  The class lasts 2 hours and will take place at Mama Said Sew this coming Friday, March 25, at 6:30.  Call MSS at (970) 493-0623 to sign up!
See you there!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It's Official!

Today I officially registered my trade name!  I am officially Parsley Art Studio!  There is a long way to go from here, but I feel very accomplished in having done just this one thing.  Figuring out exactly what one has to do to be official about owning a business seems complex and overwhelming at times.  But I'm trying to network and ask people who've done it before and persevere through all the information.

Thanks to Ange at Mama Said Sew, I also recently  learned about the most wonderful resource: the Small Business Development Center.  There are centers all over Colorado, and one right here in Fort Collins, where I will attend a workshop early in April to get the basics.  After that, I will sign up for a one-on-one counseling session, in which I can learn specifics from someone else who's been there.  I can't wait!  I can't believe I didn't know about this before.  Finally, someone to ask rather than having to figure out everything on my own online.

Here is what I worked on today: a display for my bike bands!  Two (so far) bike shops in town are going to carry my bike bands!  So of course, we needed a great way to show them off.  Shawn at The Cycologist suggested having a foot of some sort for the bands to show their actual function, so I took his idea and ran with it.  Clean shoes and jeans from the second hand store, a 2x4 and a couple of screws (again with help from the main man) and voila! An enticing display!

And for laughs...