Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Assembly Line

Over the last two weeks, I've timed myself on how long it takes to do one part of making a card, but 6 times. I've added up all the minutes, and it ended up taking about 2 hours to create these 6 cards, for the most part identical:

Inspired by the card I made for my mom for her birthday, I thought these would be good things to sell on and at craft fairs. I think they turned out so fun. I plan to make a series of these and then sell them individually or in bunches.

Please participate in my poll to the right about how much you'd pay for one of these cards.

Meanwhile, in an assembly line of a different sort, for the 6 Degrees of HLM International card swap, I've started working on the ten cards I plan to swap. Below is a teaser of the papers I'm using. Hmm... what will they become? I can't wait to share! Postmark deadline is coming up in just over 4 weeks, so hopefully you're off to a good start too.

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Amanda said...

Wow Heather! Your art is fabulous! I think you should start doing it more full-time. I would buy those cards for up to US$6 dollars each. But I love the idea of framing them so you can re-use them. I have seen these cards that come with a little frame - just simple glass or glass and wood so you can give the whole thing as a gift, then you can charge more. or make them re-usable as picture frames? and your wall-hangings are fabulous. Those could sell really well I am sure - check out furniture/wall decoration wholesalers. Keep it up! Thanks for sharing on your blog.