Friday, October 24, 2008

Wine and Cheese Picnic in a Bag!

In September we went wine tasting in Palisade, CO on our way home from vacation. In a shop there I saw a wine & cheese picnic in a bag... all it needed was wine glasses and the wine & cheese! It was a really neat idea, so for a gift for a wine-loving friend, I tried making my own version. All closed up, the bag measures about 12x16 inches. Inside, you'll find a corkscrew, cutting board, napkins, and a knife, and the bag then serves as a small picnic blanket for laying things on (grapes? Chocolate? Nuts? Mmmm!).

It actually was a good challenge for me, working with ties and pockets. The cutting board pocket was the most challenging. The knife and corkscrew pockets have darts to allow for bulk, and they needed top flaps to secure what could easily fall out if the bag tipped for some reason. With all supplies, it cost more than what I could buy it for in the wine shop in Palisade, but mine was much cuter and more personalized, with nicer-quality accessories.

(Remember to click on the image for a better view!)

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Anonymous said...

This looks very well made! Nice work!