Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Self Portraits

I participated in a wonderful workshop at the Artist's Nook earlier this month in which we did mixed media collage. What I made that day will someday be posted in my blog, but for now I want to show you what I made as we were warming up. Our task was to create a self portrait in less than two minutes out of one sheet of black construction paper. We then hung them up on a white wall amidst each other's. The placement of each person's piece generally enhanced it. It was a good exercise, remembering that art doesn't have to be complex, nor does it have to take forever. And it was fun to see how, if we create together, we create more art than we know, and it is all so interesting. Different perspectives are very enlightening!

Another type of art: pie! I helped make these with two of my former German students who visited us for a weekend. They wanted to have an "American" experience, so we made pie. It was some of the best pie I've made, with fresh peaches. Soooo good!

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