Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I seem to remember this happened last fall, and the fall before that too. My life has been far too busy for my liking! Sorry for the more than 3 weeks since my last post. Besides having some long-term company at home, it was also my 10-year college reunion at the start of the month (hooray for Mills College!), and my day job has been considerably more demanding these days too (actually always the case at this time of year).

I have been a work-horse in the art room. The photo above shows what I feel I've been doing for a month: circles and quilt squares. You can see what will become of the circles, and the quilt squares will become aprons, as seen in a past post. When my mom saw that purple square, she said she just wanted to lick it, it reminded her of candy!

In the lower left corner, you can see what I devised as a storage system for circles I have purposefully paired and prepared to become flowers, but there are so many of them that I won't get through them all in one sitting. So I made these little pockets out of scratch paper to keep them from getting separated or mixed up, and I like the look so much I'm wondering if I can put the idea into something sell-able. What do you think?


Ashley said...

Hi Heb! I wanted to call you today but I was so so busy! It's great to see your work up, as always. I love the circles in the pockets and all the pretty quilt squares. I know you're working hard; just remember to have fun, ok? That's the point, right?? You love this! Let me know if you need help. You can send me fabric or whatever and I can do the sweat shop thing, no prob... in fact, I need that kind of work late at night, like now, when I'm done working, but can't fall asleep because my mind is spinning!! Love you!

Tara said...

After this show you'll find y0ourself with so much time you won't know what to do! Love seeing what you're working on as always! And maybe some little advent/countdown to Christmas calender with candy in each pocket out of scrappy/vintage materials? Cute idea!

Anonymous said...

looks lovely. i like getting a little selection of your creative focus while you hammer out things for the fair. the squares are really great. i really like the green one. i love that pattern!! my favorite is log cabin and this is just a super mod funky version of it, gets me every time. the aprons will be great. do you have a way to display one 3 dimensionally? xx