Thursday, February 11, 2010

Time For Cards

Here's the latest (unfinished) drawing from my art class, an exercise in contrasts. Absolutely no grays or shading.

I obviously have a ways to go (lots of black to color in), but at this stage I can tell you I think I've learned the lesson! The right side of the face was the most challenging, since the photograph is steeped in black. It was neat to see the face come together one shadow at a time.

In honor of this year's 6 Degrees of HLM International Card Swap, to which you are invited to participate, below is a photo of the card I made my mom for her birthday. I'm very excited about the design of this card, encompassing fabric, paper, pen & ink, and doodads!

Please email me at artbyhlm at gmail dot com by February 18 if you haven't received a personal invitation to my card swap already and you are interested in participating. This is the third year in a row and it is very fun!

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Anonymous said...

i am sooo impressed by your drawing. I can just say wow, and that isn't it great what taking a class pushes you to do? Even more than technique I think so much of it is about squeezing that work out of you. About being accountable to a group/teacher. That is on my mind a lot now.

my verification word is finsequa, which sounds a lot like "as long as you are here" in Italian. Nice huh?