Sunday, November 23, 2008

Birthday cards

Today I've had most of the day to create, and it has been splendid! Here are two of the three birthday cards I've made this week. On the left, for my friend and neighbor Chris, the black card stock that serves as the border on three sides is also the back piece of the card (the part you write on). The sign is "hung" with dark blue satin ribbon, and to accent the print on the blue paper, a 3D swirl to match the black. On the right, made for my cousin Addie, I sewed some of my favorite fabric lying around to a card, then embellished it with paper flowers, a metal label frame, and red brads.

Since I plan to art most of Tuesday and Wednesday before heading to CA for Thanksgiving, come back soon for at least one more posting this week!

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Anonymous said...

I can't wait for more! I love the simplicity of sewing fabric to a card, but you get instant WOW because of the texture and dimension. Happy Grateful Day. Say hi to CA for me.