Friday, December 28, 2012

2012 Christmas Card

Happy End of Year to you!  Here is the "reveal" of my handmade Christmas card this year. Earlier this year I was playing around with this "cut-and-fold" technique for these cards (scroll down to see them).  One of my "accidents" created a tree form, and voila! my idea was born! 

I had a friend over for an art date a couple weeks ago who marveled at the detail work, but this card was actually pretty straight-forward.  The card has just 4 pieces: the turquoise rectangle, the gray rectangle, the white tree and the red button.  The work was in individually cutting out the trees, and then sewing on the button. But, as I've said before, assembly-line production makes it efficient (if not boring).  

I made a little stencil so that making the trees would be as easy as possible.  The hardest part was erasing my pencil marks!  To save time and paper resources, I decided to keep it just a postcard style, so there is no folded part.  I wrote my messages on the back of the card.


Nessa said...

I loved my tree card, thank you!

Vid said...

That's great Heather.

Looking forward to watching your book progress!

I stumbled across Lynne Chapman's blog last month when I noticed her children's book on bookdrum:
She has some fantastic posts following the progression of the illustration of that book.

If you want to go digital when the time comes, there are some emerging tools that look awesome for creating iOS book apps.
PodoTree Decanter:
Demibooks Composer:

Ashley said...
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