Sunday, December 9, 2012

Weekend Projects

Hooley is for sure a project.  He is actually a pretty good dog, and yet we all are adjusting.  Getting new routines down, learning rules, forming rules, and figuring out what a dog even needs!  Since dog beds at the pet store cost something ridiculous like $60 and up, we thought we'd go ahead and skip that. So I made him one today, for half that!  You can see how thrilled he is:

Ha ha. Actually, he just hasn't woken up long enough for me to whisk our deck chair cushion out from under him.  This was a neat project.  Pretty simple & quick in the end, but something I've never done before, and on such a big scale!  In actuality, it is really just a large pillow case with a funny-shaped pillow inside (flat and with edges).  I made a little tag in the corner with some of the extra fabric so that he could chew on it if he is inspired.

Other weekend projects: an apron to finish off my order for my Portland friend (on its way tomorrow, Vanessa!) and a series of cards that was kind of like this one.  The others were all even cuter than this one, but I mailed them off before I got them memorialized in my camera.

The paper did all the work for me, it is so lovely!

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Nessa said...

It looks great, she'll love it! It will be very stylish for when she hosts her dinner parties. :) And I love the card too. Good work, and glad to hear the dog is settling in!