Sunday, December 16, 2012

Another Advent I

I haven't had a chance yet to blog much about the new advent calendar I designed this fall, one that is easy to teach others how to make, and that I can sell for less because it is a lot less work!  This is the only one I have photos of because they've flown off the shelves as I've made them!  I made this one for my sister, who took these lovely photos of it.  And of course, she's halfway through it, as there are just 9 days left till Christmas.

I really let the beautiful paper do a lot of the work for me on these.  There is so much lovely paper in the world, why always cover it up?  I simply added all the words with acrylic paint, and glossed the whole thing up with gloss medium.

The double-sided paper works the best for sure, to make the back side of the doors aesthetically pleasing too.

The doors are secured down by little strips of vellum, on which I wrote the days' numbers.

The insides of this one have sized-down photos that I printed on label paper of me and my sister and our family or other visuals of happy memories (one of her fine food photos from my Summer Soiree three years ago, for example).  She and my mom are together this week, and my mom opened a door that turned out to be of her!  Other calendars have had simple Christmas-related drawings, the great stand-by of Christmas jokes, and thanks to my friend Haley, 24 simple ways to celebrate the season.

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