Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Highlights-style Story Gift

I bought these cute felted animals at a garage sale last summer, brand new and still in their package.  Who knows what they were intended for, but I thought they were inspiring.

Did you read Highlights magazine as a kid? I did for many years (indeed, I still look forward to seeing it at the dentist's office!), and there is a regular feature in the magazine for young readers in which a short story is illustrated with tiny pictures of the nouns in the story.  When I saw these felted animals, I thought of a young person I know whose birthday was coming up, and I thought of those stories. Wouldn't it be great to have a story like that but also have tangible characters to act out the story too?

Here is my crack at the story, with help from friends at a present-wrapping party I attended last week. (Click on the image for the larger view.) 

It's so freakin' cute!!! I love how it turned out and i can't wait for it to be received.  I think I will make some of my own felt characters and make more of these for other young people, then sell them on Etsy!

Speaking of Etsy, I've just posted a bunch of new items on there!  Come on by for a look!

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Ashley said...

Hi Heather, Super cute! What a fun way to bring something from your childhood into your art as an adult. I remember those magazines laying around... and these stories with the little pictures in them were the best! What a cool art & gift idea.