Saturday, March 18, 2017

Nude, With Headphones

Spending time drawing people leads to a regular consideration of what it’s like to model: 

The hot lights toasting your shoulders, the concentration it takes to hold still for 20 minutes (or more), the pain you might feel of your bones on a hard surface, just so the artist can have a good visual.

The models I’ve worked with don’t deny these discomforts, but they keep coming back again­ to sit for me.

Headphones provide all of us a way to retreat, to build a wall of sorts. Whatever’s playing (podcast, rockin’ tunes, guided meditation) takes our minds away from the world we are physically in, whether to provide a distraction or an escape, or to just keep people from talking to us.

Models don’t typically wear headphones when they model. In fact they wear absolutely nothing while working for artists. It can be a vulnerable experience, but also, comfortable. Still. Peaceful. Quiet. Intimate, in a way. No need to say anything. No need to be anyone except their physical selves. 

Standing nude in front of people is to take off the headphones, or take down the wall. It’s to be present. It’s to be with yourself, in a quiet space, while also participating in the artistic process. The only noise is what’s rattling around in your head. It is still.

I've learned that once you do it for long enough, this modeling/drawing exercise, it becomes something of a new normal. How very refreshing.

This art piece, by the way, is entitled Nude, With Headphones, 36"x24", acrylic, charcoal, and collage on canvas. My first experiment in trying to meld my old ways with my newfound interest!

If you are interested in learning more about becoming an art model, please contact me (email address to the right, or find Parsley Art Studio on Facebook). As you may know, I am particularly interested in working with men, age 30 or older, any size, any shape. Consider joining me in the artistic process.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Card Swap: Happy 10th Anniversary

I'd never have guessed it back in 2007, but the 6 Degrees of HLM Card Swap has been happening for 10 years now! To celebrate, what better thing to do but swap again!!!!

This year, we'll do things just like we always have:

  • Sign up here to say you'll join in!
  • Make 10 cards of your own--they can be ten unique designs or all the same
  • Attend the Card Swap Work Party if you'd like company while you work
  • Enjoy yourself immensely while you be creative
  • Deliver your cards to me by April 10
  • Receive 10 cards in return to use as you please throughout the year!

This year's themes are:
"ten" (seemed too obvious not to do it!)

Take the themes as literally or figuratively as you'd like, or don't even use them at all. I offer them to provide just a little guidance for your design. 

Here are the dates:

  • Let me know you're participating by Feb 25 (latecomers are welcome, though!)
  • Come to the Work Party on Sunday, April 2, anytime between 1-5pm
  • Postmark or deliver your cards to me by Monday, April 10
  • Sometime in May you get your cards delivered to you!

Click here to see the fabulous cards from last year's swap!

Please forward this invitation to anyone crafty you know! I think there will even be an entire card swap contingent participating in Pennsylvania this year (exciting). We love new folks and returners alike.

Click here to sign up to say you'll do it.

Hope you'll join in!