Wednesday, August 8, 2012

New Card Series

Today I was looking through my card archives and came across two cards that inspired me to then head to the art room and make these five cards.  The first two are my faves.

Coming up with designs that sell is an interesting way to think about card design.  I have to consider why the general public are willing to purchase cards, and those moments tend to be inspired by life events, especially birthdays.

This was a leftover inspiration from my previous post, a tri-fold card that ties shut. 

Then this idea came from Card Maker Magazine.  You cut slits and then fold them over.  I was so inspired by this beautiful butterfly paper, I didn't want to do much to it other than display it.  The second image is the entire outside, laid flat instead of folded.

Finally, I made another cat!  When I made the first one in March, I actually cut out enough fabric templates to make 5, so you'll see a few more of these over the next few months.  I just donated this one to a fundraiser a friend is putting on in Portland, Oregon, to raise money for her niece's epileptic disorder.

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