Saturday, July 28, 2012

Card Rack Prep

Down at The Eyes Have It eyeglasses shop, they have found a card rack to use as a display in their store!  So they've asked me to make some more cards.  Tall order, but I'm feeling encouraged.  I've been giving a lot of energy to other life things and haven't been too creative lately.  I am glad to have something to show you after a few hours spent in the art room.

I love how these Happy Birthday cards turned out.  The little scraps of fabric look like presents.
And these cards are a variation on the same theme.  What you can't really see is that the one on the left is like a big ol' matchbook.  The one on the right is a tri-fold card.  It was fun to use up this pear paper, which actually used to be a kleenex box. 

More designs to come--that card rack is big!

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