Thursday, May 26, 2011

Whoa, I'm In A Show!

Last week I had another excellent session with Barbara McCulloch, a Fort Collins painter.  For the first hour, we discussed business stuff (taxes, marketing, etc), and then we went on to painting techniques.  I have been re-inspired by Gaelle Boissannard, the French painter Ambra and I discovered in a card shop in Nice in 2009.  Check out her blog and scroll down to her May 11th post to see "Progression," which is a series of photos of how she made one of her paintings.  Love it!  (I wish I could speak French.)  I am hoping to do some painting a little bit in her style, and tonight!

Back to the title of this post, Barbara's studio is in the Poudre River Arts Center, and they're putting on a show in June called "Get On Your Bike and Ride It!"  Barbara encouraged me to submit my bike bands display leg as art in itself, so I did, and lo and behold, it was accepted at the last minute!

So!  Come on down to First Friday, June 3, from 6-9pm, at PRAC, located at 406 N. College Ave in Fort Collins.  If you can't make it to First Friday, the show will be up throughout the month of June and you can stop by anytime the gallery is open.

I decided to make one design of a Father's Day card that could work to sell in The Eyes Have It, and am pretty satisfied!  The card features a pocket on both sides.  In the front pocket is a paper airplane made of dictionary pages, and in the back pocket is a card insert for your message, as well as hand-drawn instructions for how to make your own paper airplane.  These planes fly surprisingly well, too!  I have to say, the scanned image isn't anything compared to the real thing.  Head on down to Old Town if you'd like to see one for yourself!

This photo shows the whole package, front and back of the card with pockets emptied. 


Tara said...

Yeah! Congratulations! I love the cards too! We should figure out a time to get together. I'm feeling really busy, but am off every Thursday and Friday. Are you still off on Wednesdays?

Ashley said...

Awesome cards Heather! So cute and so totally buyable. You'll have to tell me how the show goes. xo

Anonymous said...

What I love about these, besides their super attractiveness, is their real sense of being a complete package...a little gift in itself. A good theme!