Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Window Art

Last weekend's baby shower was a huge success! 17 people came, the weather was perfect (high 70s with a very light breeze), there was ample delicious food, fresh flowers, none of those stupid shower games (instead, different fun games), a meaningful group art activity, and an amazing cake!

Katie and I planned for awhile what our group might be able to do to make something for the new mama/papa-to-be that would be their style and artistic, but not asking too much of non-artsy people of the group.  She had this old window that we got Paul to fix up, to which we added a back and hinged it.  So cool-looking!  So we asked the guests to each decorate a 4" square with whatever they wanted to do, something to do with what they would wish for the new parents. There were poems, quotes, meaningful words, photos, stickers, a crocheted soft thing, a quilt square, and someone even used highlighters (that's all she had!). There were also some tears as people presented their squares.  :)  Then we combined the squares under the window.  The photo above shows the basic idea, and this weekend we'll stick all of them down for good, so that it can be hung on the wall and viewed for years to come.  Then we ate cake (also featured), with candied lemon daffodils as garnish--whoa!  (Cake courtesy of Kyran, the ultimate cake-baker.)

Below is my contribution to the window art.  My mom sent me this poem a few weeks ago and it seemed so appropriate for this.  That it is about little things, nature, love and kindness, and that it came from a mom.  The border is an homage to the invitations.
(Remember to click on the images for a close-up.)

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Ashley said...

Heb, Thanks for sharing this. I love the idea so much! So thoughtful and sweet, and easy for people who aren't artsy. xo