Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Cards Are My Life

I thought I'd show you some of the interim cards I've recently made while in the midst of my card swap.  This first one was a birthday card for Katie, and a joy to make.  It is inspired by my advent calendar design, and the orange background is fabric that I painted over with gloss medium.  Whoa!  That made for a cool effect.  Each of the little papers in the 4 pockets are able to be taken out, and each one offers a birthday wish I had for her.  The card is meant to hang, and the back is just a flat bit of light purple cardstock to cover up all my sewing marks. (By all means, click on the image for a closer-up view!)

My friend Haley is having a baby shower this weekend, so here are the invitations that Katie and I made for the occasion.  The back is entirely collaged, so if you could lift up the words paper, you would see that each one is different and colorful.  I also distressed each one around the edge with a light green ink to give them some definition.

I must admit that this has been a busier spring than I anticipated!

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Ashley said...

Heb, Katie's card is beautiful! Wow! You are such a thoughtful friend. I also love that each of Haley's invitations were collaged. How did the shower go? Lots of love! Ashley