Monday, May 16, 2011

Betcha Couldn't Guess... Cards!

The Eyes Have It eyeglasses shop called and asked for more cards to sell!  Here are three new designs I took over to them yesterday.  The first two were inspired by other cards I saw recently in the card aisle--here are my takes on those ideas.

For the card swap, Katie used this awesome technique, called Iris-fold. (Come back next week to see her card as well as all the others!)  I learned more about Iris-fold in the Fall 2010 Fun Folds edition of Card Maker Magazine, a publication my step-mom introduced me to last month (can I just say OMG!?).  I knew this was something I needed to try out, so experimented with some of my scraps and came up with this super-fun design.

As I left the store, the owner called after me to come up with some Father's Day cards.  Yikes!  Now there is a challenge: making cards for this very specific target audience.  Hmm, how to make a card that the random dad (not my dad) will appreciate, and one his child (male or female) will be enticed to buy in the shop...


Ashley said...

Heather, What is the Iris fold? I went to the magazine link but couldn't find it. How cool is it that they actually called you to ask for more cards?? Awesome!

HLM said...

I've updated my post to link Iris-fold to an explanation of the technique--check it out!