Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Card Swap Cards Revealed

The 2011 Six Degrees of HLM Card Swap has finally come to a close, and I have been looking forward to sharing with the world the handiwork of all the participants. Please invite your friends and family to stop by my blog for a look, and everyone who reads this is invited to participate in the swap next year. Click on any of the photos below for a closer-up view.

Here is a photo of everyone's cards lined up on the floor:

Below is Ambra's card: 

Andrea did two designs: 

3 of the 4 images used in Anne's cards were taken in India last January: 

Deborah's pocket design was the base of each of her cards, but each one had a different greeting, and she made all her envelopes: 

Here's my card--come back to the blog in the next couple weeks to learn about the process and see more pictures of it, and maybe even win one of my extras!

Grace was inspired by a vacation she recently took to Florida: 

Haley wanted to create a 3-D card, and the printed paper she found made her think of the wind: 

Jenn's beaded cards took hours of hand sewing, but resulted in an exquisite final product:

The little heart comes out of the black fabric pocket on Jennifer's, and they're sewn around the edges: 

Katie experimented with what I recently learned is called Iris-fold, and combined the folding process with her own photography: 

Kiara made 10 unique watercolor paintings: 

Kyran pulled inspiration from her love for cooking for her card, and made all the envelopes too:

Mivvy's cards were all Christmas-themed, and most (if not all) were photos from where she lives in England: 

Nancy made and colored all her own paper (except the card stock) for her cards: 

The cards Paige submitted were similar in theme, based on the quote she found, featured in the bottom two:

Tara's been doing tons with small quilting projects lately (she recently had a project featured in 101 Patchwork Projects and Quilts--click here to read about it and see her cute name/gift tags). She was no doubt inspired to carry that into her cards: 

Another great year of the Card Swap!  And if you'll do me the honor of coming back to visit my blog again soon, you'll have a chance to WIN one of my pop-up cards to have for yourself!


Ashley said...

Heather, I enjoyed this post so much! It's fun to see all the variety of ideas and design. Great job everyone! Love, Ashley

Tara said...

Love them! It's so fun to have these cards to choose from for all the occasions that come up! Look forward to seeing and making more--your's always is hoarded I don't want to give it up!

Lindsay Gage Natale said...

These cards are outstanding! What a talented group of card makers, and you are an excellent card master! Love seeing them all in one place. Thanks!