Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Long Time Project

I bought the fabric for this skirt two years ago, inspired by warm weather, a need for some new clothes, and a desire to become the ultimate skirt-maker-ista!  This week, ahem, I finally did it!  I am particularly proud of the invisible zipper (photo #2).  There are certainly mistakes in the skirt, but I learned a lot, and it is wearable and fits me perfectly!  The pleats are an idea I borrowed from another beloved skirt, but they don't really show in this skirt due to the busy-ness of the print.  That's ok though.  I know they're there, after all.  :) 


Lindsay Gage Natale said...

Love it! I am a skirt/dress girl too :) Great job H!

Ashley said...

Ohhh! Will you make me one?? Love, A

Nessa said...

Gorgeous fabric, and it looks super cute on you!