Thursday, June 30, 2011

"Handmade" Paper & 95th Post

Hey there art fans!  In my last post, I mentioned making "my own" paper, and I wanted to show you what I meant.  I got this idea straight from someone else,  and despite being skeptical throughout the process of making it, I think the final product is brilliant  The three little ones on the right are how I took last week's paper to the next step, having taped over the edges to make a frame and then painted.  I don't know exactly how these will turn out, but have no doubt that you'll see it here for sure.  The big one on the left I made today, with a different matte-finish 
glue--which actually didn't work as well as the first one, with straight-up Elmer's.  

I know the idea comes from an artist who was featured in a recent issue of Cloth, Paper, Scissors, but I unfortunately don't know who (I only had a chance to glance at the article).  The technique involves tearing up papers that look good together into strips, then gluing them down to a smooth piece of plastic (like a thin, malleable cutting board) with a brush.  First, brush glue on the plastic, then lay down a strip, then brush glue over the top.  Continue until the whole plastic sheet is covered, then leave to dry completely.  Once dry, peel the whole thing off the plastic and there you have it!

Today marks my 95th post, which means that I'm five away from 100!  Wow.  I'm amazed to have carried on this long.  So, to celebrate, starting next week I plan to give something away every week to a randomly selected reader.  Please come back weekly for the next 5 weeks (I post on Wednesday or Thursday) to find out what's on offer and how to win.

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Anonymous said...

oh I love this! I especially love seeing how you transformed it and framed and painted them. I love watching you make the techniques your own. It's so great.

I can hardly believe it has been 95 already!? wow!