Friday, August 28, 2015

Volvelles Galore

If you saw my contribution to this year's card swap, or if you attended the 2015 Fort Collins Studio Tour, or if you've been in my life at all really, you will know that volvelles are another one of my latest obsessions.  It started with this, the first one I made for a friend's birthday in late February. I also borrowed the idea for the bird and flower from one of my fave local cafe's servers' uniform, Cafe Blue Bird.

Then I drew the five birds for the card swap cards, scanned them, cut them out, and added silly bird jokes. 

Well, that led to my development of a joke wheel, which is what visitors at the Studio Tour got to make-n-take as a souvenir from their time at Parsley Art Studio.

Finally, a friend of mine from the uni was leaving us, so I gathered photos and words from all our colleagues to make a huge, personalized memory wheel as a goodbye gift. I loved this because it was art and community in one, my two favorite things ever.

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