Friday, August 28, 2015

Felt Board (with Instructions)

I have a friend who turned 4 this summer! As a gift, I made her a felt board, which she loved. This was a meaningful, easy and inexpensive gift. Along with the shapes I cut for her, I gave her the leftover felt and encouraged her to make her own shapes (with the cutting help of her parents, of course). I also gave her these pictures so she'd have an inventory of the shapes I made for her.

How to make your own felt board:

  • Some kind of wooden board, any size. I used a 18x24 inch bulletin board I got at a garage sale for $2, which offered a nice frame, but it can be any board. If you're gifting this to small people, consider the weight of the board. (I don't recommend foam core--it warps with heat or moisture.)
  • Felt - if you want bigger pieces than felt squares (available in a ton of colors at the fabric store), you can find a more limited selection of colors on the bolt. Think of the scenes you'll want to create. I bought dark green, brown, and light blue off the bolt and all other colors in squares.
  • Scissors
  • Elmer's glue
  • Cheap 2" paintbrush
  • Ruler or measuring tape
  • Shoebox with lid or large ziploc bag

  1. Measure your board and cut a piece of felt (best if it's a neutral color, so it can fit most scenes) to that size. 
  2. Cover your board in glue, then use the paintbrush to brush it over the entire surface evenly
  3. Lay the large cut rectangle of felt over the glue and press gently to work out bubbles/wrinkles. (It's helpful to have another pair of hands for this step.)
  4. While that dries, cut out every shape, small to large, that you can imagine!
  5. Put the dried board and shapes within easy reach of whoever will use it.
  6. Store all your shapes in the box or bag when not in use.

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