Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mom Book

My dear friend Katie had a baby this week!  Hooray for a new little life!  At Katie's book-themed baby shower in March, the group created a book for Katie, not for her to use as a baby book, but for her to have as a "Mom Book."  This Mom Book is meant to support the mother in Katie, to remind her of the love and support that she has in her community, and that this is as much her journey as it is her daughter's.  It is meant to celebrate her transition into motherhood and celebrate the excellent person she is.

After everyone made a page, we gathered in a circle and presented them to Katie, and after the shower, they were all bound into this lovely book!

The bottom three photos show my own contribution.  For the page I made (bottom photo), I just love how the blue-brown border turned out, and how the red letters of 'mom' and 'wow' pop.  The back of my page was the recipe for bagels, and the other page was the introduction page to the book itself, a quote I found online.

Thanks to Haley for her help in conceptualizing and binding the book, and thanks to the Book Arts studio at Mills College for the one book arts class I took in spring 2000 that allowed me to crinkle up my forehead this spring and remember how to create a book from nothing more than book board, fabric, glue, and some pages.

Be sure to click on the photos for closer views.I've included this photo again so you can see it up close if you click on it.  

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Ashley said...

Wow Heather, amazing! I wish I could see the photos of the book a little closer. Will you email them to me? What a beautiful project and gift! Love Ashley