Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Optimism Abounds

3 things to tell you about today, and they all relate to optimism.

1.) In a matter of a couple weeknights last week, Paul took out the carpet in half the art room and replaced it with laminate flooring!  Here's the before (taken in 2009) and after (tonight):

It is a huge improvement! That area, even when covered with art project components, is a major thoroughfare to our back yard.  I am optimistic about this change because now I don't have to worry about keeping the white carpet from getting so dirty and stained, and because it is the first art studio-improvement project that I've been dreaming of.  Next, there will be a little sink installed where the white bookshelf on the right side is.  (You can already see the pipes coming out of the wall....)

2.) Today, I sent this calendar to the editor of the Crafts Department at Martha Stewart Living Magazine!!!!  It will be a completely unexpected package in her world, but I couldn't fathom just trying to send her a photo.  My work is best seen/interacted with in person, and I hope she will respond in a way that will get more people interested in visiting my website, blog, and Etsy shop. (I made one modification before sending it: changed the green hangars to red ones.)

3.) Is this: 

This evening I attended the "unveiling" of AIR: Arts Incubator of the Rockies.  It is such a cool initiative, one that pulls together artists and their community, that helps provide professional development to "creatives," and that has some unbelievable momentum going for it.  In just one year they have collaborated with tons of people and created a 10-state region that AIR will serve.  Tonight they outlined a 6-month professional development curriculum for artists, and yet emphasized that this is not just about making artists better but fostering a shift in overall culture, so that more people who are not creatives are interested in supporting creative and artistic ventures in a variety of ways.  Check out the website for sure to learn more.  It is very exciting and inspiring, and built on optimism and a strong belief that "Creativity helps humanity thrive."

I am feeling full of optimism and grateful that my personality lends itself to that characteristic anyway.  To feel this extra boost gives me a rush, and I am alive with hope today.  :)


Nessa said...

You are inspiring! And your new floor looks gorgeous. :)

Sedna-is-my-own-last-name said...

i am totally giving that little advent a distance blessing. may it bring you wonderful attention that you deserve!

Ashley said...

Hi Heather! Fun to see you post. The floor looks great. And I'm so happy that you've sent something to MSL. Good luck. You just never know. xo