Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Two small paintings

Before Thanksgiving week, I had the pleasure of making these two pieces, both gifts for people, so there was a deadline motivator! I love this first one, made for a German friend who took me on a delightful hike to an old haunt when I was in Hameln this summer. The words, in order are: bees, truth, food, trees, apfelschorle (drink with apple juice and sparkling water), movement, beauty, and friendship. It measures about 10x6 inches.

This second one totally copies the idea of some of Kelly Rae Roberts' work (see what I mean here). It is a fantastic way to use up small paper scraps, and this technique has given me inspiration for my Christmas cards this year! So cool. I made this for my cousin in Cali, who turned 16 last week. The background is from an old copy of The Book of Lists, from the 1970s. It measures about 7x5 inches.

This week I've been pretty sick (laryngitis, bad cough), but I hope to feel better enough tomorrow that I can make (or at least work on) something. Happy December!


Ashley said...

I love the card you made Addie, especially because of your new technique! Bravo Heb! xo (Just a reminder: we're going to make the first issue of A & H magazine when I come visit!)

Amelie Meyer said...

hi heather! i absolutely love the first painting, it's so beautiful! i like how you put all those words on it- must have been a great day :) lots of love from germany!