Friday, November 13, 2009

Works in Progress

At last! A glimpse of my new art space! This is walking into it from the dining room.

Turn to the left and you'll see the great northern light I have.

The full-on view. Imagine what's to come: shelves above the desk and also a big ol' standing table (on wheels) in the middle of the room. That little window on the left looks into the kitchen. That was the house's original exterior wall.

180 degree turnaround. The green room is a half bath, and the wooden door leads to the master bedroom. You can see I still have some unpacking to do.

If I go out those French doors and onto the deck, this is part of my view, to the NW.

And finally, what I made Wednesday, the beginnings of what I hope will become excellent pieces. I don't know what they'll become, but I have words going around in my head about manifesting what I want and using doubt and insecurity to grow rather than being afraid of moving forward.

Wanna come over for Art Night next week?


Lindsay Gage Natale said...

YES! I want to come over for art night please! I will bring the cookies :). What a gorgeous place you have - congratulations. I can't wait to see it in person sometime soon...maybe in May :) We can do some art and cooking too...sounds good to me. Boys...go play outside and climb some rocks or something...haha!

Anonymous said...

it's HUGE, wow!!! and full of light and so great. I am so excited. Are you planning on keeping the carpet in there? That sounds like an art room nightmare from where I stand. But you can always pull it up once it's full of paint too!. Maybe you are a clean painter though :))

ummmm yeah, how's wednesday for tea :))

HLM said...

Yep, I'll probably keep the carpet. I've never had a non-carpeted floor in my art space, so I guess I've learned to be careful. That room doesn't have great heat, and the carpet keeps it cozier.