Saturday, November 7, 2009

Back to Show You More

Today I finally write from our new home with recently installed internet! Hooray! Hopefully from now on I can keep up with my twice-monthly routine of showing you what I've made and updating you on my artistic journey. The photos below are all things I made in September and October.

This card is one of my very favorite things I've made in awhile. I was inspired by a rubber stamp I own, Amb's use of turqoise and circles in her recent work, and an old Anthropologie catalog I found in my collage drawer. The card measures about 7" square. Be sure to click on it for a closer view.

The card below I made for my dear friend Jennifer, who recently lost her dog, Licorice. I painted this first-ever pet portrait from a photo she had. Licorice, aka Louie, was a good dog. Small and quiet, yet she had a very strong personality and presence. She was with Jennifer for a long time and died pretty unexpectedly, so I thought the portrait might be a good homage to her in hopes of consoling Jennifer. The background was decided when I closed my eyes and imagined "the colors of Louie." My favorite part of the final piece is the ear that hangs over the edge. The card measures about 4x6".

The wall hangings below are the result of my mom and me visiting the one quilt shop we have here in the Fort when she came for a visit in early October. I eyed the pattern and she bought it, and we devoted a Sunday to working on one for each of us. Hers is the one on the right, for the most part complete. I love this pattern and think it is so cute, but I did feel a little disappointed creating someone else's design. In truth, I wished I had designed it! Once I finish mine, I plan to hang it in the new house. (We have so much more wall space here, it's unbelievable!)

Finally, here is an apron I made for my mother-in-law for her birthday. You may recall the card I sent her too The fabric is actually home decorating fabric, verging on upholstery. I found the print very classy.

I look forward to showing you photos of my new art space next time!


Unknown said...

I love all your art!!! I love the Louie painting, and the bird wall hanging best. I would love to have that pattern and maybe one day give it a shot :)

Love hearing from you again, and can't wait for more! I look forward to hearing about your new home and art you create there.

love, linds

Sedna-is-my-own-last-name said...

i loved hearing about how the colors came about for my dear louie. it has an even deeper appreciation from me now. i still reiterate that it is the best art i've seen you free to form and mature. i'm telling you you can make a million bucks from this stuff lady. start manifesting and get to it already!

again about the louie painting i hung it (in a frame) in a place i would see at least once a day. it's my homage to her. i see it a lot out of the corner of my eye (with the all the work i do to get my little one down for a nap) and it warms my soul.

hey, what about that for a business that warms the soul? or at least for your tagline.

thanks again babe for the piece.