Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Just a short update so that you don't just keep coming back, wondering when I'll post again! I am in the process of moving, so have no pictures to post today. :( However, next Wednesday I will be setting up not only our computer (currently packed away in storage) and posting with some recent photos of projects, but I will also be setting up my NEW ART ROOM!!!!!!!!!!

Features of the new art room:
- I don't have to share the space with anyone or (more importantly) anything
- It's a fantastic size, with some excellent light: 3 narrow (foot wide?) floor-to-ceiling windows and some beautiful glass french doors.
- I get to design the storage-to-be
- I'll never have to give it up to guests
- There is a half bath (with a sink) adjacent to the new art room
- The view overlooks our large back yard and the mountains to the NW.
- It shares a wall with the kitchen so I can bake/cook dinner at the same time I create.

I can't wait to share photos!
Take care (heart).

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Anonymous said...

oh goodness my love, that sounds so amazingly dreamy!!! A blank canvas all your own...Can't wait to see how you doll it up. :))