Wednesday, December 16, 2009

No Spoiling the Surprise!

I've been doing some pretty fun art stuff lately, including making our Christmas cards, always a big creative undertaking! Well, I've finished them and started sending them out, and I'd rather you receive yours in the mail (if you're one of the lucky ones) before I show them here. Please do come back December 24th and I'll post everything about them.

Meanwhile, my friend Amb received the birthday card I sent her, so here's a (somewhat sorry) photo of that. I was trying to get to the PO before it closed so I wasn't spending a ton of time on making a good picture of it for my archives. It was a lot of fun to use this bright pink paint and beaded fringe!!!! I got the fringe on sale at Joann's a long time ago, and it served well as inspiration for this card. The base is corrugated cardboard, to make it sturdy (and able to hold the heavy fringe), and in the end I punched a hold in it for hanging, if so desired. The card without the fringe measures about 7x5".

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