Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Goodbye 2008, hello all that is possible!

Tomorrow is the last day of 2008 and I feel I have come so far as an artist this year. Even just since starting this blog, I have developed and evolved. I am excited about what I've done, and my heart flutters at the thought of doing so much more. I have set myself a challenge for 2009: sell my stuff. My sister said to me the other day that she believes in my art so much that she wishes she could be my publicist or agent or whatever the word is. She thinks it would sell like hotcakes, and if it were realistic for her to do at this point in her life, she'd go into a boutique tomorrow to get people to stock and sell my things. Encouragement like that, plus more from you who've seen my blog now, plus Ambra's insistence that I look into etsy.com just to get started make me believe in myself more than I ever have. I mean, have I really got anything to lose?

Below, my latest creation. The fabric totally makes it, don't you think?

And as a final hurrah, now that Amb's recieved her birthday card in the mail, I can post it for everyone else to see! I used ribbon, bits of fabric, stickers, some collage bits (I believe the word to use now is ephemera--learned that from my arts magazine), a fortune-cookie fortune, photocopies of old-timey women, paper flowers, brads, and the underneath layer is paint and pastels.

See you in 2009!

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Anonymous said...

"Amb" here. This birthday card is soooo beautiful. In person the colors are super vibrant, and there is so much happiness just jumping up from the surface that you can hardly tell what is background and what is embellishment. I love it and it is proudly on display on my picture rail. Thanks HLM!