Sunday, December 7, 2008

Simple or Complex?

A good friend of mine whose birthday is this week loves getting the cards I make for her. She is someone who has encouraged my art from the minute she knew me. So this week I had aspirations of making her something quite complex, using various forms of media. To get started, I found some paper I liked in my stash and was inspired to make circles. I started to play around with different sizes and then how they could work together on a piece of card, and all of a sudden, I was surprised to find that I was 100% satisfied with just the circles on the card. As I told her, all it needed was a bit of bead-store bling, and voila! the card was complete, and just perfect in its simplicity. The second card is made with some of the same papers, for a young 'un I know who's turning one this week!

Along with that theme, two more aprons to show off, which I made in the presence of my mom and sister over Thanksgiving weekend. One of them, much more of a complex design, with a gathered waist (thanks to Mom for teaching me!) and red trimmings, and then the second, just three different fabrics and straight lines. The first one seems more artful to me in the artistic process, while the second one strikes me as something I could easily make in mass amounts and sell. It appeals, probably due to its simplicity, to a large audience. It, too, is artful in a different way, perhaps more in end result rather than in creative process.


Anonymous said...

I like them both. I like the classic design of the first one, that hostess apron feeling you get from the gathered waist and little poof is unmistakable. And the other one feels more mod and hip, and simple---all about your choice of fabric.

Either way, I am sure that with a little practice on the gathering technique, you could make and sell either just as fast! Some fabrics would probably lend themselves better to different shapes of apron.

Sedna-is-my-own-last-name said...

I love them both! I love your apron fetish too.

For a spin on aprons, something I think you would like doing and that would also sell well are nursing aprons. There are a variety of brands on the market; the good quality ones start at $40. Something you might want to add, if nothing else, for variety's and creativity's sake! : )