Thursday, January 8, 2009

Positively Postcards

Happy New Year to you! Already I have started pushing my artistic self this year. For Christmas my step-mom sent me a lovely book, Positively Postcards by Bonnie Sabel & Louis-Philippe O'Donnell. Essentially, another take on the mini quilt! I love the idea because it is such a small canvas, yet you can do so much! And to integrate my style, I've collaged not just with fabric, but also with paper, stickers, ribbons, and animal charms! The perfect marriage of paper and fabric. Each is 5"x7".

1. Giraffe

2. Frog

3. Elephant

It wasn't until near the end of making the second one that I realized I was developing a number of themes. Each postcard started with the same base fabric, but on the second I didn't consciously place the red squares, the flowers, and the postal details, and at some point it just dawned on me that both charms I planned to use were animals. So the third card was much more purposeful: again the red square, the post decal, the flower ribbon, and an extra button I had lying around--the elephant!

Each one has a different backing, as I experimented to find what I would like best. The first has a thick layer of fusible web (like what you might make a fabric box out of), and is covered on the other side with white muslin. For the second, I used double sided tape to attach a piece of white card stock to the fabric. The third one determined my favorite: I have discovered fusing! (Where have I been all these years?) Essentially a paper-thin layer of glue that you first iron on to one thing and then to the other. It is a dream come true. So I used fused postcard number three to another piece of cardstock. Very secure and no air bubbles.

Thanks go to Nancy(!) for inspiring this project, and I completed it on Jan. 2, so dedicate my art-making that day to Grace on her birthday.


Anonymous said...

I love how you are bringing us into your process. I am enjoying hearing about your making, the surprises, the new things. I am so glad you started blogging!

And these cards are really nice. I am always really happy when I see myself working in groups/themes. It makes me feel like my work isn't an "accident", which sometimes I feel it is, even if it's just experimentation and searching. xxoo

Sedna-is-my-own-last-name said...

I can't wait to see these in a museum and/or show at some point in the future.

Your art is so beautiful and strong Heather!