Wednesday, December 4, 2013


If you take an art class, at some point you have to turn in your body of work, which is called your portfolio. Of course, to keep it all together, you have to put it in a large folder of some type, also called a portfolio!  This second type of portfolio is something you can buy at the store for too much money and it is usually not very interesting-looking.  Or you can buy the components and make one that is MUCH more attractive!  Thank goodness for sewing skills!!

I bought foam core at the art store, big enough to contain my giant multi-media paper. Then I used three types of fabric for the cover: the green/red stuff is outdoor decorative fabric (like for patio furniture). The black on the external side is canvas. The black on the inside is flannel, which makes for a luxurious, professional backdrop for the artwork one then sees within!

Over a year ago, I ordered $100 worth of black webbing from a wholesaler (for bike bands) and so have enough to last me a lifetime.  There is a tie on each of three sides, made of thinner, non-slippery black webbing.

You'll notice in photo 1 that there are two black bits sticking up on the top. If you look closely, you'll see there are D-rings attached to those. I intend to make a shoulder strap for this to make it easier to carry, but before I can do that I have to go back to Joann Fabrics (for the 27th time in three weeks) to buy clips.

Most of it is machine-stitched to create two big pockets to slide the foam core into, then I used hot glue and some hand-stitching to close up the one long edge.

I was thinking of creating a tutorial for this. What do you think?  I also thought I could make them and sell them on Etsy, but shipping might be troublesome. Opinions?

I think my portfolio will be the most attractive one on the table when we turn our portfolios in next week!


Brittany said...

Why not get the best of both worlds and offer a pattern/tutorial for sale on Etsy? I agree that shipping might be troublesome but I think that people would certainly be willing to pay for this. I would be sure to make it ABUNDANTLY clear in your listing's title and description that it is a PATTERN ONLY! Etsy now offers the ability to sell instant downloads which means zero mailing headaches for you. I would also list one for sale - maybe as a custom order and people could choose the exterior fabric. Great product - put it out there!

Nessa said...

I love it! Gorgeous, and yes, much better than the usual portfolio options. Way to stand out!