Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Memory (Game)

Over the weekend, my friend Ambra was in town, visiting from New York!  She appears on this blog from time to time, and in fact you can see our last art collaboration (in 2009) here.  This time, we were inspired by these stamps (I bought them long ago and love them so much they are forever displayed in my studio):

So we thought we would make a set of Memory cards for her daughter Sonia, who is six!  Here is us just finishing the base for the front of the cards. 

Then we flipped it over to make a pretty pattern on the back, one that wouldn't give away what was on the other side. This took a lot of time, but with two people working on it over the course of an afternoon (and with plenty of talk to keep us entertained), it wasn't as tedious as it could have been.

Once it was dry, we glossed it and cut it up into small squares...

... and painted fruit designs on them, two by two.  We even asked Sonia (via Skype) for suggestions on which fruits to paint. That is how we got a tomato and an avocado in there.

Wanna play a round with us?

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Nessa said...

Amazing! I might need a set. :)