Thursday, June 20, 2013

Something At Once

"We cannot do everything at once, but we can do something at once."

These words, said by Calvin Coolidge so many years ago, encourage me when I feel overwhelmed.  Something Lynne Perrella said in 2008 is reminiscent of this, and it always pops into my brain whenever I feel stuck: "Just begin."   We probably can't "do it all," and even if we try, change or a final outcome can't happen immediately!  If I have a worthy art idea, first I need to start it at all, and then over time, it develops.  Same goes for a dream. If I hadn't started this journey of art five years ago, I'd never be opening up my studio to the public this weekend! Each day, week, month, I've just decided to do it. 

My dad says that in 20 years, I'll be an overnight sensation.  Doesn't that go well with what Coolidge said?  :)

Here's something I made this week, as a piece to put up in Chris Bates' (of Mighty Fine Art) studio.  

Chris' studio is just a 10 minute walk from mine! I hope that if you're visiting my studio this weekend, you'll stop by his too.  He makes some really amazing pen-and-ink portraits.  Check out his website here

Other things I've been working on this week: Countdown Calendars!  You've got to see these babies in person. My, are they fun!

Parsley Art Studio is open this weekend! Saturday and Sunday, 10am-5pm!  Hope to see you here!

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