Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Tooth Fairy Prep

One of my favorite little people has a loose tooth!  Her mom asked Auntie Heather if she would make a tooth fairy pillow in honor of the upcoming occasion!  Here it is:

The felt tooth was the simplest part to conceptualize, since this is what a lot of tooth fairy pillows look like when you search the web, Etsy in particular.  But, mine is a little different because it is not white!  Also, I had to add a heart onto the tooth for some extra love.

This is the back view, and the yellow pocket is where the actual tooth can be tucked away.

I was thinking about my own tooth fairy experiences when I conceptualized the little pouch for the felt tooth to be in. I remember one time (unfortunately the time that it was confirmed that the tooth fairy was my mom), I awoke to find no money under my pillow. My mom did some problem solving in her just-woken-up-disheveled-hair state, and looked in the pillow case, using her enclosed fist as a guide.  Alas, there were two quarters in the pillow case!

In this design, I thought, what if the tooth doesn't have to go under a pillow?  It still has the capacity to, but what if it could hang off the corner post of a bed or even out in the living room over the back of a chair?  That way, the felt tooth has a safe place to "sleep," the child's tooth will for sure not be lost, and there's a little pocket for the tooth fairy to leave her booty without risk of waking anyone up! This also reduces the risk of the tooth fairy forgetting to come by in the night.

I put a dollar in this pouch for the photo, then thought, Wow, the price of teeth has really gone up if I'm willing to pay a dollar for it.  What do parents leave for their kids these days?  

Here's the view of a tooth in the felt pouch (note: that is not a real tooth!):

And the back:

Happy tooth-losing to all the 5 and 6 year-olds I know!


Ashley said...

This is so adorable! Thanks for sharing.

Nessa said...

I love it! I may need one of those soon. :)

Anonymous said...

thanks for share.