Sunday, December 4, 2011

And The Best Selling Item Was...

Advent calendars!  Hooray!  Out of the 11 I made for the season, I have sold a total of 9 this year.  So cool.  A close second was the bike bands.  If you are reading this and you didn't get a chance to buy this weekend, but you would LIKE to, please visit my etsy shop here.  (If you're in the Fort, I am very happy to rendezvous with you in town to avoid shipping costs.)

Excellent things about this fair:

  1. I was in a good location for customer visibility and light!  
  2. I had a cozy corner to set up a little table in, where I was able to work on a couple things to pass the time.  Indeed, I designed my Christmas card for this year!
  3. My product fit in with the theme of the fair: fine & funky.  Customers were hip, the kind of people who would go out Christmas shopping in Old Town Fort Collins (local) despite the fact that it had snowed 3 inches the night before and the temps were in the 20s-30s for the whole day.  Other sellers were great too, selling lots of interesting and very original things. No knitted coat-hanger covers.
  4. I made a new friend in art!  Jennifer owns Quay & Co, and she and I clearly have similar tastes!  She made the cold and the slower moments bearable.  Check out her excellent etsy shop!  (I particularly heart her camera straps.)
Things that were tough:
  1. I was right next to the door, first booth, and please note the outside temperatures I mentioned above.
  2. For having stood in a cold location for 12 hours, I didn't profit quite as much as I would have liked.  But, exposure is a big reason I was there, and I think lots more people know about me now.  Nice!
Here's a photo of what was directly across from me (aka what I looked at all day), the art of William Pilch.  His stuff is really dimensional and vibrant, and he is a character too.

Both evenings, we were serenaded with carols from some costumed carolers.  Here they are in my booth, singing Noel.

This week: I plan to work on Christmas cards and a new toiletries bag... for MYSELF!  (Amazing, I know.)


Calico Road said...

Great story about our frigid weekend! Glad we were there to keep each other smiling.

Brittany said...

Looks like you have been busy! Sorry I was unable to make it to the show.

Ashley said...

Thanks for the post, Heather! Wish I could've been there! Congrats on your sales & sorry for the cold! :( Talk soon, Ash

linniew said...

Hey Heather! You filled up that booth with great stuff-- You just get better and better...Good merry work~
xo Linda in Oregon
ps: letter coming

Phuong Nguyen said...

way to go heather! that's so great that u sold so many advent calendars. they r super cool! u're amazing!

Michelle Mach said...

I've been looking online to see people who have sold at Fine & Funky and came across your blog. Your art looks so happy and fun! It's always good to know about another local artist.