Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fine & Funky This Week!

The Fine & Funky Craft Bazaar will be celebrating its 10th anniversary this year at the Opera Galleria in Fort Collins, THIS WEEKEND!  And, yours truly will be there with a booth, joining an awesome group of artists for the first time.  I am pretty thrilled.  I've got lots of great things, including new framed collages and plenty of bike bands.  Come on down!

Friday night, 5-9pm
Saturday, 10am-6pm

North of Mountain Ave on College, west side of the street.  

The trunk show at Wadoo was a lot of fun (and mildly profitable).  Here are some photos of my set up, right next to the chocolate and champagne table across the hall.  I did manage to only have one glass, but those handmade chocolates made by the chocolatier down the street fresh that afternoon were really hard to resist.  I think all of us feasted on them for dinner!

See you this weekend!

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Ashley said...

Heb, Those advent calendars need some more height. I wish I could loan you my Japanese screens... maybe you can take one back with you on the plane! xo Ash