Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Valentines For Sale & Card Swap Time

One of my fave holidays is next week: Valentine's Day!  Why do I love it so? 
  • How can you not love a holiday that celebrates the people you love in your life?  Yes, V-day has baggage, especially for people who are uncontentedly single, and the day has been over-hyped to become materialistic and too sappy.  But I try to look past all that and think of it as a way to tell the people I love in my life just that.
  • It is a big card-giving holiday, which for me is excellent considering my love of making cards!

You can find 4 different designs of my beautiful handmade Valentines for sale in Fort Collins at The Eyes Have It in Old Town, just north of College and Mountain on the west side.  One of the designs is above.

Speaking of LOVING making cards, this year's annual 6 degrees of HLM International Card Swap is officially announced!  It consists of this:
  • RSVPing to me that you want to participate by next Wednesday, February 16.
  • Using the following 8 weeks to create 10 cards (usually identical, but not required) that you'll enter in the swap.
  • Sending me your cards by the postmark date of April 15.
  • Receiving 10 cards made by other participants around the end of April.

If you'd like to participate, please send me an email (noted to the right), and I will send you the details.  Fu-un!

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Ashley said...

Love the card! Won't you put some on Etsy so I can buy some? I wanted to call you today but I figured you would be busy in your art room! Let's talk soon! Love, A