Saturday, February 5, 2011

Another Scrap Project

This week I wanted to sew some more scraps, so here's what I came up with, as a lightweight, flat, just-because gift for one of my quilt loving friends in Germany (I had some other, not-so-exciting stuff to send her and wanted to spruce up the package!).  I took the pictures of these coasters at night so the flash or available light doesn't represent the actual colors very well, but just know that in person they are delightfully bright!

They each have a letter embroidered on them, a 'B' on one and a 'D' on the other.  I made the 'B' one first and noticed that the second one had a more polished look, after I'd initially designed and practiced on the first one.  You can see that I also used variegated thread around the edges.

The final look, with a cup of cocoa!  (This awesome mug was made by my friend Micah.)

In the crafting world, I've noticed that crafted coasters have come to be called 'mug rugs.'  I think that is a little cheesy myself.  

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Ashley said...

Hi Heb! Fabulous coasters! Very colorful and cute. Also I love the personalization of the initials. I like how you are using what you have & challenging yourself to be creative with it. I'm sure it isn't easy but in the end, I know it's more rewarding (like using the ingredients you have in your kitchen -- not going out to buy new ones -- to make dinner!). Love, Ashley