Sunday, June 6, 2010

What to make for a 3 year old?

My young friend Sonia turned three at the end of April and lives abroad. So, I pondered for awhile, what could I send her as a developmentally appropriate gift that was flat and light-weight to send in the mail (for a timely arrival)? I came to the conclusion of a paper doll! (Click on the image for a closer-up look.)
Each of the outfits are drawn/colored on white cardstock that's been reinforced by clear packaging tape on the back. I used tracing paper to create the outfits after first creating the doll herself. That old trick of drawing something in pencil onto tracing paper and then flipping the paper over and going over the lines again to get a mirror image on another piece of paper is how I did it. One of the funnest parts was actually designing the outfits! It was like being a fashion designer! What would Sonia wear? What would she want to see herself wearing?

Indeed, I had to give the birthday girl herself something to wear that would match the Tinkerbell outfit. :)

This gift was made to be played with and, if it comes to that, totally destructed! Hey, as long as she has some fun and knows her Auntie Heather was thinking about her, that's what matters to me.

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Ashley said...

Awesome paper doll Heather! So creative! And to see her playing with it -- ah! So perfect! xo